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Spectra is out now.


1. Pleasure In Function

2. You Are Loved Eternally

3. Prism

4. Advice At A Dinner Party

5. The Natural World

6. The Big Cheese

7. There Is A Club

8. Solitary Girl

9. The Saint Of Fun & Weirdos

10. Make It A Plan

11. Golden

Produced, mixed + mastered by Kevin Ratterman

Drums by Josh Adams

Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, sampling by Jenny O.

Additional sampling & guitar by Kevin Ratterman

All songs by Jenny O. except

"The Big Cheese" co-written by

Jenny O. and Christian Lee Hutson

Art Direction by Jenny O.

Illustrated by Marina González Eme

Photography by Elizabeth Weinberg

Insert & Layout for production

Vincent Bancheri and Nick Jones

Spectra refers to our multitudes, the ways we identify and experience life, as a nebula… nuance, variation, not one thing or another, but somewhere between, unfixed. Spectra explores connectivity and contains overt expressions of love for others, oneself, and nature. It is my favorite record I have made and my most joyful. - Jenny O.

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