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Spectra is out now.


1. Pleasure In Function

2. You Are Loved Eternally

3. Prism

4. Advice At A Dinner Party

5. The Natural World

6. The Big Cheese

7. There Is A Club

8. Solitary Girl

9. The Saint Of Fun & Weirdos

10. Make It A Plan

11. Golden

Produced, mixed + mastered by Kevin Ratterman

Drums by Josh Adams

Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, sampling by Jenny O.

Additional sampling by Kevin Ratterman

All songs by Jenny O.

except "The Big Cheese" co-written by

Jenny O. and Christian Lee Hutson

Art Direction by Jenny O.

Illustrated by Marina González Eme

Photography by Elizabeth Weinberg

Layout by Vincent Bancheri

Spectra refers to our multitudes, the ways we identify and experience life, as a nebula… nuance, variation, not one thing or another, but somewhere between, unfixed. Spectra explores connectivity and contains overt expressions of love for others, oneself, and nature. It is my favorite record I have made and my most joyful. - Jenny O.

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