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A transcribed interview about Spectra with Matt Conner at Analogue is out today.

I have been making tee shirt designs, and settled on SPECTRA shirt. Launching a pre-order in the shop soon. The letters for the cover of Spectra were handcut from black paper. They are based on the Amsterdam Tangram font by Joost Zwarte.


The phrase “You Are Loved Eternally” was hand-painted on an old mirror frame in my friend’s grandfather’s cabin. Weeks after I visited in 2020, the cabin and everything it contained burned up in the Sequoia Complex Fire along with 10% of the world’s giant sequoias. I imagine that mirror reflecting a room of flames before it was consumed-- the old furniture, local nature books, even the iron wood stove melted.

At that time someone I love deeply was in trouble, in depressive peril. I wrote this song for them, for me, for everyone I know and don’t know. We get lost and fall disconnected from the warm glow of human connectivity

of loving awareness

the web of life...

Snapped this photo in summer 2020 before the fire.

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