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Performing at this little CLIMATE FEST in LA on Sept 30 and psyched about it. I'm not ready with the futurism tunes I'm working on but trying to get a couple finished by next weekend. Will have to play some love songs too. I'll spend the next 6 months writing about drawdown and regeneration.

Wind down the combustion of fossil fuels and regenerate ecosystems so they can absorb the carbon and methane we've already emitted. Quickly. Got it! See ya there.

Spectra vinyl came out in stores today.

After a 5 year contract in Japan, Peace & Information (2017) has been returned to me. Which means it is presently unavailable in Japan and I have to re-upload the music and artwork as soon as possible. I couln't find the artwork big enough for the pixel requirement. So I managed to scan the CD and re-make a slightly different version of Peace & Information, which is fun -- to be uploaded soon, Japan only:

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