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I'm going on tour with Jenny Lewis in the midwest. I'm so happy about it.

I added some other shows to make it a full Spectra tour, and I'll do them all with the same band.

I really hope these shows beget more like it.

& I would like to have a booking agent again, there I said it.

5.27 - Santa Inez Valley, CA - Come What May Festival - TICKETS

6.28 - Los Angeles, CA - Resident DTLA - w/ 3V3RY1, Rose Droll - TICKETS

6.29 - Healdsburg, CA - Little Saint - w/ Rachel Goodrich - RSVP

7.07 - Chicago, IL @ Salt Shed - w/ Jenny Lewis, Hayden Pedigo - TICKETS

7.08 - Indianapolis, IN @ Square Cat Vinyl - FREE

7.10 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Meijer Gardens - w/ Jenny Lewis, Hayden Pedigo - TICKETS 7.12 - Detroit, MI @ Majestic Theater - w/ Jenny Lewis, Hayden Pedigo - TICKETS 7.13 - Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues - w/ Jenny Lewis, Hayden Pedigo - TICKETS

7.18 - New York, NY @ Heaven Can Wait - w/ Luke Rathborne - TICKETS

Poster by Tomas Walmsley

I played a set at Manchester Psych Fest last fall in Manchester UK with local players as my band (Dan Wiebe, drums, Rachel Rimmer, bass). On the wall of the Dan's shared practice space in an old factory was a poster by Tomas Walmsley (for a bagel shop, Primo Bagel) that was so cool. Was delighted to find out the artist is contemporary, in fact, younger than me. Been following Walmsley and I asked him to design a poster for this tour, here it is.

A special thing happened yesterday. Stream the whole show for a limited time at 🎥

Thank you to my incredible band for making it such a pleasure - Rachel Goodrich (bass), Delicate Steve (guitar), Jennah Bell (vocals), Andrew Maguire (drums) & Jerry Borge (keys).

This is my blog so I feel free to tell you someone FORGOT TO TURN ON OUR MONITORS and we did this without being able to hear ourselves.

All songs from the new album, Spectra.

My friend Natalie from Valley Queen and I talked about our new records. Read the transcription at Talkhouse.

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